May 25, 2009

A Special Request - Let there be music!

It was late on Friday, just a week before the wedding festivities were to begin and Kimberly and I were going over the final itinerary to make sure all details were in place...when suddenly Kimberly paused and said, "I really wanted to have a special surprise for my groom..." I listened intently as she explained how fun it would be to have a mariachi band outside the church to serande the couple and their guests...This is late Friday so there would be no contacting my usual entertainment guru until Monday...FIVE DAYS before the wedding...

     With the email sent to my guru, I was off to Costco for wedding supplies when suddenly I met one of my favorite banquet managers (did I mention I have angels at my side at all times!) and I explained to Frank how ironic it was to see him - I needed an in to the Mexican neighborhoods - I needed to find a mariachi band! Within seconds, he was on his cell (did I mention this all took place in the candy aisle!!!) and I could tell between the Spanish and the English, this was not going to be a sure thing...they would let me know.

     Waiting is the worst and by Friday, there was no sign that this surprise was going to happen but I never gave up hope! At the rehearsal, I mentioned to my assistants that I felt terrible not being able to fulfill the bride's last request. My assistant (and let it be known that there is no substiture for a great staff !) Dave, asked if he could give it a try - YES, please be MY guest...and as I departed for yet another rehearsal, I was quite sure that at this last hour, there was no possible way that this dream could happen...

   Ye have little faith! By 7:30PM we not only had one, but TWO possible bands, ...Dave was a little uncertain if the band would really be there or we all swore to secrecy...this would be a surprise for the groom AND the bride. I was not about to tell the bride that there might be...or that there could be a mariachi band...we would wait to be sure that there would be!

     Although Detroit has had many a parade on its streets, I seriously doubt they have ever had one as joyous as the parade from St. Aloysius Church to the Book Cadillac Hotel...there was dancing in the street and it made for the most exciting start of Kimberly and Anthony's reception!

Brides, keep on dreaming, for it is the special requests that will set your event apart from all others!


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