Jun 15, 2009

Blue Mojitos

Blue Mojitos

I subscribe to Martha Stewart's daily email that brings a plethera of ideas for setting some pretty special and unique touches to all events. Today, I was delighted to see her include this photo from a Tiffany themed wedding that highlighted a blue beverage! My clients are always looking for a special signature drink and I could hardly wait to forward this to a current client that was looking for something blue during the cocktail hour!

This would be a fun cocktail to pass at a summer reception; however, I always request that clients do a tasting for these specialty drinks! Last summer I had a couple of interesting experiences regarding a signature drink. The first request was based on a photograph found in a magazine and it was all about "pink" and fit the look of the wedding perfectly. I suggested that the client try this beverage at the tasting and I forwarded a photo of the drink to the caterer so they knew what the client was looking for.

First of all, the rim of the glass was enchanting in itself - it had a pink sugared rim with large sugar crystals. When the bartender tried to duplicate this beverage - the rim was not successful on the first try - the second try was no better - the idea was aborted!!! This was a good example of why a tasting is so very important - this facility was not able to produce this detail, although the caterer insisted they could get it right for the big day. The best decison was to go another route and not risk a flop at the reception!

The second request was for raspberry mojitos. Again, this proved to be a wise decision to include at the tasting - the mojito was very strong and had way too much texture of mint leaves and seeds! This time, the caterer took suggestions back to the kitchen. They mulled the mint leaves with raspberries and then strained the beverage. A plump raspberry and a mint leaf were used as garnish and the amount of rum reduced - much better! Trays of raspberry mojitos were served at the edge of Lake St. Claire and all enjoyed!

The specialy drink can be just one more touch to make your day unique and special!



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