Jan 14, 2013

Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes

In yesterday's culinary world, we used to dream about exotic or complicated desserts...now they have become very common place - even on banquet menus as options for the dessert course.

So, when one of my clients really wants to opt for the Bananas Foster fanfare on the dance floor and serve it to guests as the main dessert, they wonder, what will we do with that five layer wedding cake that cost a pretty penny?

A couple of answers come to mind. Although wedding cake is one of my favorite food groups, not everyone shares this love! Some...am guessing a fair share, really just want the showcase of a beautiful wedding cake and for that special cake cutting photo. So there are a couple of choices...1) Have your baker make a faux cake with only one layer being real - this way, the cake can be cut and can remain intact for the duration of the celebration as "eye candy" for all to enjoy. 2) Supply your venue with custom cake boxes and after the cake cutting, the cake is whisked to the back to be cut and boxed and placed at the door so guests can take cake home with them.

Boxed cake is usually a huge hit at the end of the night - ok, confess! Who does not like a slice of cake late at night after the event in their pjs OR with their morning coffee? I always try to advise my clients to delay the service of cake - put it on a cake/coffee station or use a favor. The reality is that after an hour of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, a salad, possibly an intermezzo, and an entree, your guests will be stuffed and not able to eat let alone enjoy dessert. I cringe when I see almost full cake plates picked up by the staff and dumped! It isn't that the cake is not good; guests are just too full and too eager to get onto the dance floor.

This photo is an example of one of the options that we did for a July client - the floral pieces were 100% red roses so it only made sense to create this special design just for them! Actually, what this client did is have a faux cake AND then had the baker deliver the cake boxes all packed with wonderful slices of wedding cake - this is the ultimate way to have your cake and eat it, too!

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