Jan 25, 2013

Event Planning careers start at 3 years old!

Event Planning careers start at 3 years old!

Although children's birthdays are not always a common request that I get (young parents are probably not quite ready to invest in an event planner!) I am grateful that I have a family that shares a passion for details when it comes to entertaining! Some feel sorry for me that I have two sons and no daughters - they should NOT feel sorry for me at all! 

Both of my sons have an eye for detail and are meticulous when it comes to the little details on so many levels. This flair for entertaining became obvious when my oldest son turned to his younger brother and reprimanded him by saying, "WHERE is the place mat?" as they were about to set out the Easter Bunny's plate of goodies. I knew then that paying attention to details at a very young age had launched them into Party Planning 101! Little details in even daily living were important from the getco!

Luckily, my sons have taken wives which has only expanded our "101" class and we all seem to have an obsession with party details at every gathering we host. Recently, my daughter-in-law, Allison, showed that she has the same zeal for event planning as I do! She realizes the importance and the FUN of adding special touches wherever possible AND she is also keenly aware of being mindful of a budget...it just makes you that much more ingenious!

Michael's third birthday celebrated one of his passions...trains. So his bithday invites went out and all were to gather at the Colorado Railroad Museum! A train party...so the details...I mean, the FUN begins!



It's the little details...a little raffia and a label...

Allison is genius when it comes to making labels - what an impact and with a few yards of bright raffia, WOW - it is great eye candy! Borrowing frames from the shelves, inserting a birthday message...low costs - big impact!

I'm thirsty...

Again, low cost and big impact...customized bottled water is now fun AND a great beverage for rambunctious three year olds! If it spills, who will be upset...and it is sized perfectly for our little guests! (be sure to click on the photo to see the entire image)

We're going on a trip...

Every trip requires a little packing...it was impossible NOT to splurge on these adorable little train cases...after all, pennies were pinched in other areas so a splurge here was worth every penny saved!

What to do...

With three year olds and the trend for mommies AND sometimes daddies AND siblings (this requires its own ettiquette blog entry!) attending these birthday celebrations, Allison was a bit panicked...what to do for the entire time to keep everyone busy and entertained!

I adhere to the mantra, "keep them busy, keep them moving!" So, I suggested to Allison that she entertain everyone by sending them on a scavenger hunt in the train museum (another good reason to seek a venue with space to run and probably why by age three, parents favor venues over at-home parties!). Without batting an eye, Allison had the scavenger hunt set up, maps printed, tags, et al and felt a sense of relief that now everyone had something to do!

Fanciful Favors...

Of course, at every train station there is luggage stand and what captivates the interest of any age more than a closed up box, or in this instance, a row of little train cases festooned with raffia and a luggage tag...were they empty? did they hold secrets?

Two things that I profess to be party winners are ONE: give a guest a little bit of costuming and before you, an actor is born...who doesn't want to role play - REGARDLESS of age!!! TWO: anticipation...creating an environment of "what is going to happen next"...I call it the element of surprise...keep guests curious and it creates high energy for the next unveiling of the event.

The little train cases had a variety of goodies - a conductor's hat, a kerchief, a train whistle, a little yummy...and a case to take home for continuous use and enjoyment - a perfect party favor to travel home with after an afternoon of fun!

Well, done, Allie!!!

BTW...Happy Birthday, Michael!

What a trip three was...now off and running to be four...you can bet that all these little details have been duely noted...and this is how it all begins, this passion for special events!

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