Dec 03, 2009

Oh Gingerbread, Oh Gingerbread...

Oh Gingerbread, Oh Gingerbread...

The holiday spirit could not have been more alive than at the Old Fashioned Gingerbread Brunch held at Oakland Hills Country Club on December 3, 2009! A very special group of women have banned together in order to save some history in a very fast paced society.

The Gingerbread Brunch's origin began last year with the intent to earn monies to preserve and move the Pre-Civil War Barton Farm House from its original site to the Bowers School Farm located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. That goal was met and now the group continues their fund raising in hopes of restoring the home for use by the local school district and community.

This whole project started when Pat Hardy saw her friend Sue Nine at the post office and the challenge of the project was discussed...the rest is history...or should we say, the preservation of history!

At this brunch, local bakers and artists are invited to create extraordinary gingerbread houses for a silent auction. The houses are put on display for all to enjoy. This year, other creative participants added decorated table top trees to the aution and the room became even more festive.

A beautiful brunch was served and new friends were made. Kudos to the chef at Oakland Hills Country Club; the brunch was not only delicious but the presentation of the luscious crepes and artfully displayed colorful vegetables was beautiful. However the piece de la resistance came with the presentation of warm beignets with warm chocolate sauce - absolutely much so, that a few guests were spotted wrapping their second beignet and stuffing it in their "to go" bags...THAT is how fabulous they were!

This event certainly provided a moment to wish good friends "Happy Holidays" but also the opportunity to meet new people and certainly the chance to see more talented artists in the Metro Detroit area!

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