Jan 09, 2013

Save Room for Cake!

Save Room for Cake!

When I got married the choices for wedding cakes was fairly simple...I don't remember there being many choices at all! NOW it is a gastronomical adventure to select the cake of your dreams for your special event - a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.! I smile because the cake meeting is a meeting that most grooms fail to miss. They want to attend and interject their likes and dislikes and be sure, they enjoy every tasting moment! It is usually their favorite wedding planning meeting!

Today, a fellow planner posted the trend for 2013 will see the use of more exotic fruits...so when reading the current issue of Metro Detroit Bride's Winter/Spring 2013 magazine, the section dedicated to cakes underscored this very prediction!

Sweet and Savory's photo of the Coco Cabana torte (adorned with colorful candy pinwheels!) is brushed with fresh squeezed orange juice and pineapple rum, a layer of apricot marmalade and has a macaroon coconut buttercream filling...WOW...this is NOT your mama's wedding cake...pass the dessert forks! KUDOS to the culinary imagination that has elevated the basic white cake to such extravagance!

2013, looking forward to seeing more uses of exotic fruits on this year's menus!

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