Sep 06, 2008

Courteney and Dave

Courteney and Dave
photo by: Patrick Abel – visit website

Rare is the family that celebrates both of their daughters' weddings within three months of one another! Courteney and Dave would wed in September following Courteney's sister's wedding in June of the same year...the same season...the same family!!!

This did not distract Courteney, as she not only served as her sister's maid of honor, she also was busy creating her special details for her own shower that was hosted by her mother and getting her wedding plans in order, too. This was in addition to being her father's right hand in the family owned business!

The love story of this couple is one of the most touching I have heard. Courteney's mother suffered a stroke during the time Courteney was dating Dave. Already a tremendous help to the family, Dave became even more so when he took a sabitical from his full time job as a nurse and became a full time nurse and therapist to help Courteney's mother during her rehabilitation. The love story only grew as Courteney witnessed the compassion that Dave had for her mother.

It was certainly an honor for me to be there to assist this special bride and groom. I was fully commited to do whatever I could do to bring a day of joy to this family and especially to this bride and groom who were united on so many important causes so early in their life together.

Courteney had certain visions for her wedding - she was my navy and pink bride - she absolutely loved this color combination and we set forth to bring the details together!

First there was the selection of the bridesmaids' gowns - a strapless gown of navy that would show off the colorful bouquets that were to be created by Bellisario Florists.This led the way to designing the wedding invitations that were navy blue with white ink and a small touch of that enchanting hot pink! Custom invites by Cartoleria were designed and assembled for this busy bride.

The groomsmen followed the ladies lead and their dark suits were highlighted by a striking pink rose boutonniere that complimented the bridesmaids' attire. The rose is probably the most popular of boutonnieres due to its durablity and its lasting power. Although magazines sometime show off creative and unique desgins for personal flowers, it is so important to realize their "staying power" on a wedding day...IF something fun and unique is your choice, you may wish to ask for a new set of personal flowers to be at the reception so everyone still looks "put together" for photos there, too!

Getting ready started early for this bride and her entourage. It was a "girls only party" at the bride's family home with beauty treats for all beginning at an early hour but with everyone gathered and a mini brunch set up for all to enjoy, the getting ready was fun for all. It was important to button down the schedule so photos at home could be taken before leaving for the early afternoon ceremony. Those "at home" photos are some of my favorites of the day - they are the likely photos that will be enlarged and hung for future generations to admire!

Following a full Catholic mass, the couple went back to the bride's family home that was now meaningful to both of them and there, master photographer, Patrick Abel from Special Moments Photography, took portrait photos of not only the bridal party but the extended families as well. When clients ask me about the "pause" between a ceremony and reception, I always ask them what is most important on this day...if they have a real need for taking extra photos, then this "pause" is an advantage and can provide an opportunity for families to record history!

Meanwhile, the ballroom was being set with the bride's favorite colors and special cards set upon acrylic boxes holding orchids, tables in navy linens with gold accents set off with Special Events' gold charger plates and flatware, a menu card that completed the custom stationery for this event AND a double napkin treatment that really "popped" on the guest tables!

With guest tables being so extraordinary, what would Ralph Bellisario of Bellisario Florists do for the head table? Setting the head table so it became the crown jewel of the room at the Royal Park Hotel meant adding special lighting, a special back drop, adding crystals, suspending floral balls and then reversing the linen colors that were used on the guests' tables! It is all about creating a one-of-a-kind setting for a day that will never be repeated!

With the entrance of the bride and groom and the music of Intrigue, the bride and groom took to the dance floor for their first dance. It was another magical moment, another love story that was being told in front of our very eyes.

Lead singer and manager of Intrigue, Stella Actis Aldo, also did the vocals at the wedding ceremony. Her clear voice and range are beautiful but even more so, her sweet disposition makes Stella one of the nicest people in the entertainment business to work with!

The wedding cake fulfilled a bit of a whimsical touch that Courteney wanted to add to her evening. Spikes of green grass in fondant set off the hot pink roses and mini bouquets on this five tiered wedding cake. A garden-like piece de la resistance was once again executed by the master chef, Michelle Bommarito.

At the end of the day, this photograph couldn't have said it better - Courteney was extatic with the details and the happy bride and groom danced the night away with their guests and partied til a very late hour!

Unbeliveable, the next morning, the bride and groom were the first to arrive at the informal "pre-brunch" hosted in her parent's suite. Mimosas and fresh donuts from the corner shop were heartily consumed and part two of this morning gathering was a royal brunch served downstairs...the bride and groom and their guests filled every possible moment with joy and laughter!


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