Aug 16, 2014

Francesca and Ryan

Today, almost two and half years later, my clients posted their wedding video and allowed us all to relive one of the most important days of their lives...August 16, 2014. It seems like yesterday and I am happy to say that we are all still sharing in the the joy of this special day...and the video surely makes that easy to do!

Prior to the wedding, the bride really wasn't convinced that a video was worth the extra money spent on her wedding day, a day that already has so many expenses! Then about two weeks before her wedding, she decided to say YES to the services of a videographer. Luckily, Fairy Tale Productions was still available and was also in her price range.

Today, the bride is so happy that she made this decision...we all are! There is nothing quite like a video to bring back those special moments that occur on a beautiful wedding day that slips by too quickly!

Happy anniversary every day of the year to this couple; I hope they play this often and continue to feel that excitement of their wedding day - I will certainly enjoy watching this over and over and remembering all the special moments...the ice cream bar, the colorful foam batons that guests waved during dancing...oh the sweet they are!


Ceremony Venue: Holy Family Catholic Church, Detroit, MI

Coordinator/Consultant: Carolyn Hefner, The China Closet

Enterainment: Rock Out Entertainment

Photographer: Ray Anthony Photography

Reception Venue: Villa Penna, Sterling Heights, MI

Videography: Fairy Tale Productions


Francesca and Ryan

Planning a wedding can be stressful! I wanted every little to be perfect, but I had no idea where to begin! That's where The China Closet came to my rescue! Carolyn helped me with every little question I had - and trust me when I say, I had a lot!

I never had to worry about what to do next, or am I forgetting something, because thankfully, she was always one step ahead of me! With very little time in my busy schedule to plan our fairy tale wedding, Carolyn helped me with every aspect, even the little things I didn't think about!

Additionally, she introduced me to the best of the best when it came to photographer and DJ - Ray Anthony (Ray Anthony Photography) and Wayne Kinney (Rock Out Entertainment) did a fantastic job as well! Both of whom added special moments to our wedding day, that alone, we simply would not have thought of to do (like the light batons that everyone loved on the dance floor - shout out to Wayne Kinney for the awesome idea).

A++ for Carolyn and the entire China Closet team who made our day absolutely perfect! Most brides look back and think of things they might have done differently and almost three years after our wedding, I wouldn't change a thing. A very big THANK YOU again!



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