May 23, 2009

Kimberly & Anthony

Kimberly & Anthony
photo by: Kristen Taylor – visit website

Not a cookie cutter wedding...

   Like every couple, Kimberly and Anthony sought a little different look to their wedding day and this couple was willing to break some old traditions ( and yet create some new ones) to make their day unique! 

Photos with historic backgrounds!

Kimberly and Anthony decided that being with friends and family following the ceremony was most important. So, in order to do this, they decided to do their photos prior to the ceremony - most couples just can't break this age old tradition - but for those that can, it certainly makes for a good time for the bridal party!

During a planning meeting, Kimberly made the request "no photos after the ceremony - other than candid." The recessional from church meant that all would leave the church together and walk a short distance to the reception facility, the Book Cadillac Hotel. Kristen Taylor, the wedding photographer, would talke all the bridal photos and family photos before the ceremony, allowing EVERYONE the freedom to go directly to the cocktail party and start the celebrating. What a perfect time for a bride and groom to greet their guests and to receive their congratulations.

The celebration started with a parade!

Within every event, I look for ways to create a little drama or add some little surprise - this is what delights guests and keeps the energy of a party going. With Kimberly and Anthony's reception site just a block away, the journey to the hotel had to be exciting. When I suggested a parade, Kimberly's eyes lit up! YES! A parade it would be!


Take your place...get set and action!

The beauty of the parade was having music all the way to the place card table! The wonderful musician marched right into the lobby of the hotel and led the guests to the escalator which led them to the fourth floor reception, all the while, the festive music of the mariache band drifted up the escalator keeping the excitment climbing!

The bride had seen a wonderful floral display at a hotel on a recent work trip and described the arrangements to the florist, Ralph Bellisario of Bellisario Florists, who immediately knew what she was referring to and so began the first floral surprise of the night as guests picked up their place cards to arrangments that had a skyrocket effect!

It's the little surprises....

Time and time again, I have brides asking me how they can make their day special - Kimberly and Anthony had many details that were unique but even they had a great little surprise awaiting them, Kimberly's little niece from California!

With a room packed with guests and with one of Detroit's number one bands on stage, the Simone Vitale band, this little ingenue took to the stage a performed like a pro singing, You are My Sunshine! Word has it, you could hear a pin drop in that stately ballroom as this little sweetheart sang her sole out!

...and THESE are a couple of the fun details that set this bride and groom's day apart from all others. Special details that don't always mean spending more dollars but sometimes the best surprises, the best details that define an event are within your daily grasp!


Kimberly & Anthony

Dear Carolyn,

   A thousand thank yous to you for everything!! Without you, I don't know how we would've accomplished it all...and with such grace and beauty! You and your team were so wonderful to work with - and all that you did is truly and forever appreciated! Everything about our wedding day was absolutely a dream come true, from all the planning, details and wonderful recommendations! It has been the utmost pleasure and honor to have worked with you and your team - and you staff and all of the vendors are some of the nicest people (and talented, too!) that I've ever encountered. Every moment and detail was never forgotten by you...including the fabulous mariachi band! WOW! We truly can't thank you enough.

   I do hope our paths will cross again, as I miss our meetings and all of the planning fun! But thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Warmest Regards,

Kim and Anthony

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