Jul 16, 2021



The year 2020 was cause for extreme patience! Postponing a wedding is a traumatic state of affairs. As we watched the pandemic numbers rise and slowly fall, a new date was selected a year in advance, and then, no one was certain that it would be a normal wedding day! 

As we got closer, the restrictions were lifted and the celebration took place with some minor adjustments. 

If nothing else from this event, we all learned the value of patience! With pent up need to celebrate, this couple had extra enthusiasm and energy for their reception! Somehow, the flowers were MORE beautiful, the music MORE engaging, the setting under the tent, MORE extravagant than first imagined!

Despite Mother Nature throwing her two cents in on this day with rain, winds, and a tornado warning, PATIENCE came into play during the day and as we all know, the show must go on! 

Happy to report that Mr. and Mrs. are married and we all have some beautiful memories of their Big Day! .



Words cannot express our gratitude. You are truly a God send with your enormous talents.

Thank you for ensuring we had the most wonderful Wedding Day. Every detail was perfect. Your thoughtful process and attention to detail allowed us to focus on each other and the day that was years in the making!

Eternally grateful with Warmest Regards

Best Wishes Always

Kathy Crane and Sara Hinson

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