May 23, 2009

Sarah and Peter

Sarah and Peter
photo by: Jessica Johnston – visit website

If ever there was a more exact bride than Sarah, so particular about every detail, big and small, I have yet to meet her! I knew from the time Sarah handed me her information with text book penmanship that was absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way, that this was going to be a wonderful experience; a beautiful wedding filled with special details would soon follow!

Sarah and Peter's love story is one that began on the campus of Tufts University. Their wedding day was filled with remembrances of details that were important to both the bride and groom.

Starting with their custom invitation designed at The China Closet by Cartoleria, the Tufts' school color, blue, played a hand in creating a sophisticated invitation! A twisted band of soft blue double satin ribbon accented the top of the invite and blue ink set the type. Typically a monogram begins with the bride's initial followed by the groom's; however, in this case, it was just too tempting to have a monogram of "P.S." and so a pass was taken on strict etiquette.

It is always my hope that a client enjoys all the pieces of their planning and I think Sarah did just that. Beginning the wedding planning at an early date allowed Sarah the luxury of addressing details in a timely manner. Every detail was important to Sarah, so when it came time to find the perfect resource for the wedding cake, Sarah was off to Ohio to meet Wendy Kromer, cake baker extraordinaire! Wendy and Martha Stewart had just released their joint book project, Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes. As with every detail, it is the journey that makes the planning period so special, so designs were discussed, drawings were rendered, tastings were held and THE cake was finalized. 

Along with the traditional wedding cake, Sarah wanted to surprise her groom, Peter, with a groom's cake and sought out Kim Parker, the wedding consultant at Holiday Market's bakery in Royal Oak, Michigan, to make a specialty cake, a ski mountain with skiers! Since the groom is avid skiier and it was upon a mountain top while skiing that the couple became engaged, this seemed to be THE perfect groom's cake, indeed!

Getting ready at the Ritz Carlton in such a glamourous setting, reciting vows highlighted by the vocals of the bride's talented brother, and celebrating at Lovett Hall...all of these ingredients made for an exceptional day! The all white florals with crystal touches accenting all the tables were the designs of Ralph Bellisario of Bellisario Florist. Lovett Hall sparkled during  dinner service and guests were entertained by the very talented and famous Mel Ball and Colours.

The elegant reception also included a station for guests to add their own creative touch to this night; there were colored markers waiting for the artistic guests. They were asked to design a quilt square in honor of the newly married couple. Sarah's mother who was accustomed to sewing dance and skating costumes for her daughter as a youth would now lend her sewing skills to putting together a keepsake quilt for the newlyweds.

Late night snacks of coney dogs and Philly pretzels kept guests munching into the night. The elephant cookie favor at the door was the final Tufts' touch of the night! As perfect as this event began, so did it end. Evenings like this are what event planners dream about and with the talents of photographer, Jessica Johnston, this day of dreams can be revisited for years to come.

Did you know: In 1889, Tufts trustee and benefactor P.T. Barnum donated the re-created body of his prized elephant Jumbo to the University. In addition to lending his name to Tufts' athletic teams, Jumbo was believed to give good luck. Before big exams or games, students would tug on his tail or put pennies in his trunk to ensure a good outcome.


Sarah and Peter

Dear Carolyn,
What can we say? You are amazing! We could not have done it ever so beautifully without you. From start to finish, you were so wonderful to work with. We really appreciated all of your hard work and attention to detail. Our wedding day was unbelievable and more than we could have hoped for. Thank you again! We will miss seeing you!!!
Sarah and Peter Damsgaard

Email received on 10/14/09

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you for your email concerning The China
I love your website, and the photos of Sarah & Peter Damsgaard's Wedding Day are really lovely.
Thank you for noting us in their collection of photos.
Sarah & Peter's Wedding reception was absolutely lovely, elegant, romantic! The China Closet did a spectacular job!
Wendy Kromer
Wendy Kromer Confections
City Bake Shop
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Sandusky, OH 44870
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