Jan 12, 2016

Home Dinner Party

Home Dinner Party

It is always nice to get positive feedback after a consulation for a client on how to make their event special AND how they can be a guest at their own party! Such is the case for a recent home dinner party for my client's daughter's birthday party!

Jan's text after the party: What fun!!! The party was an absolute wonderful success!!! Every aspect of it was perfecct! The tables were beautiful, Sandy and Ken were awesome, your input made the difference between nice and fabulous!

...and this is why I love what I do...to be able to make the difference between a nice and fabulous experience! This reminds me of an event some time ago when I suggested Hawian dancers for a party...the client, very conservative, was a little leary of adding something so dramatic...I told them, not a problem but just think of how you want your guests to leave your party...do you want them to say, "That was a nice party." OR do you want them to say, "WOW, was that  GREAT PARTY OR WHAT!"...with that we added the Hawian dancers!



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