Jun 19, 2010

June Brides...

June Brides...

June is all about weddings...even though the autumn season is giving June some serious competition, June is still all a buzz with beautiful brides! I was lucky enough to have a wide variety of brides this June season - from parole officer to professor of art...the wish is always the same...make my wedding special and one of a kind! That of course is the fuel that makes my imagination run for miles...it is also MY wish to make sure that they have the most beautiful and most unique details surrounding them on this special day!

To receive this KUDOS from my bride who is an accomplished art professor at Michigan State University...I will have the warmth of June with me for a long time thanks to her compliments!

Hi Carolyn, Thanks so much!!! The wedding was spectacular & your creativity made it such a wonderful, special event!!!!! We have heard SO many compliments & raves about the wedding - thanks so much for all your work!!!! Enjoy the Summer & take care! ....Blake

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