Aug 16, 2012


This posting is a thank you to Terry and Chip; they both made me better at what I do today. Although Terry has passed and Chip continues to mourn the love of his life, they both gave the entire event team a whole new perspective on what our roles are OR should be for planning the perfect wedding day! We were asked to make a dream come true and we did...and like a dream, it faded too quickly but the warmth of that special day lives in each of our hearts forever.

I am so proud to say that my fabulous event team joined me in making this a special day that we will all long remember!

Thank you,
Floral by Ralph Bellisario of Bellisario Florist
Photos by Ray Anthony Ivasile of Ray Anthony Photography
Print work by Jo Ann Stachelski of Cartoleria
Video by Alex Bitoff of 5th and Main Productions
Venue was The Henry Ford Museumand Main Productions
The staff at The Henry Ford Museum

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