Aug 25, 2007

Susan and Peter Butler

Dear Carolyn,

For Susan, Peter and Michael and myself, I want to take this opportunity to officially thank you for all of your guidance and support over the last months as we all struggled to make Susan's vision for her wedding become a reality. We found that you and your staff were much attuned to the needs of your clients and that your ideas were creative and never ending.

Every vendor that you recommended to us was wonderful. From the invitations, to the videographer, the child-care staff and seamstress, they all helped to make the big day so special.

Our luckiest day was when you and the China Closet were recommended to us by Janet Englehardt at the Royal Park Hotel and we will always be grateful to you for all of your support, guidance and assistance through a very exciting but challenging time! Your calmness in the face of near hysteria a few times and your unshakable positive attitude really helped us all through the crunch!! Your wealth of knowledge and ideas about weddings and your infamous "wedding itinerary" will long be remembered by all of us!

At any time in the future, please feel free to use as a reference if it would be of help to you. We are eternally grateful to you and the China Closet team!!

Betsy Chen on behalf of

Susan Chen, Peter Butler and Dr. Michael Chen

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