Jan 06, 2007

Vanessa's 30th!


It's official...if I wasn't convinced before (I was...who am I kidding?!) I know it now - there is no such thing as a good party unless Carolyn Hefner is the involved! Thank you for once again making one of the major events in my life a FABULOUS party! As usual,not a detail was overlooked. From the flowers to the food to the FUN, you hit all the nails perfectly on the head. And really, its' not just that you're a good party planner, you care so much about your clients that you drop everything to plan a Elvis revival (a SURPRISE Elvis revival!) in less than a week - AMAZING!

So, this is my horrible attempt at thanking you...again..for making me feel like the luckiest, most special girl in the world. You are THE BEST! Here's to our next party!

With much love and many thanks,


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