Carolyn Hefner

Owner of The China Closet
Carolyn Hefner
photo by: Blaine Siessor

A Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education...

   With a passion for reading, Carolyn pursued the world of literature resulting in a bachelor of science degree in secondary education focusing on English literature and communications - her goal was to share this interest of "weaving words" with others. Carolyn had a successful teaching career in the Chicago suburbs until she and her family moved to Cleveland, Ohio.

Carolyn's Country Flowers...

  This was Carolyn's first entreprenuarial adventure and it was established in Ohio where she harvested blossoms from the family garden, read about herbs and learned of their myths and healing powers while weaving them into Williamsburg style arrangements that kept for years. Not surprising as her roots were in the farmlands of Montana; planting seeds, harvesting and celebrating nature were what one did!

Marley and Me at The Townsend Hotel

   Although, working at Marley's at the Townsend Hotel was never set up as an internship, Carolyn found it to be one of the most valuable work experiences before embarking on her consulting and coordinating profession with The China Closet. Working with Marley opened the "back" door to event planning as the backside of the hotel events were exposed and the essential ingredients to a successful event became obvious. Still trying to decide whether to pursue a career in floral design or event productions, the decision was made easy after her very first event where both were tackled. After that experience, it was clear that it was the "puzzle" of the details that intrigued her the most!

Local Expert for the KNOT

   In the year 2000, Carolyn received a phone call from the KNOT in New York. She was shocked! Why would they be calling? It happened that they were offering her an opportunity with their company - a new position entitled the Local Expert...feeling that a title of "the local helper" would be a much more comfortable zone to be in, the KNOT assured Carolyn that it was her name that kept being referred to them by other Metro Detroit vendors as one of the best in the business. So, with some hesitation, Carolyn accepted this post and what ensued was a delightful four year position with the KNOT as Metro Detroit's Local Expert. In 2004, the KNOT changed the format of their print publication and the position was no longer needed.

   During these four years, Carolyn answered questions that New York expert, Carley Rooney, was unable to answer. So most of the geographical questions for services and solutions were fielded back to Carolyn in Michigan to solve. Every issue of the KNOT included an editorial page that allowed Carolyn to answer and reply to puzzled brides, grooms, bridal party members and families!

   For an English major who always had a passion for the written word and a keen interest in the complexity of weddings, this was an assignment made in heaven! It was a delightful four years and a wonderful experience serving the KNOT as their Local Expert!

30 Years and COUNTING!

   This year is the thirtieth year of business for The China Closet! It has been a fascinating journey and Carolyn still finds herself excited about each and every event that comes her way - she treats each one as if it were her first! This passion of putting details together, making sure a client enjoys their own event, adding twists and turns to make an event unique, and working to establish relationships with the area's best professionals seems to fuel the energy and passion for the next new event.

   Carolyn sees new trends in the wings of all events and continues to "mix it up" and create new programs and tools that help her clientiel. Look for many exciting new programs happening at The China Closet this year!