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Dec 01, 2011

When writer Cindy La Ferle emailed to see what advice I had for holiday party manners, I was able to give her some suggestions HOWEVER, these are not just restricted to the holiday parties but to gatherings in general. With our fast paced society, it is easy to overlook a few basic etiquette a proper RSVP! "Every hostess appreciates a swift response,” said Carolyn Hefner, an event planner and owner of The China Closet in Birmingham. “There really is no good excuse for not responding – and this may put you on the 'Never Invite' guest list!” For more go to:


Rochester-RochesterHillsPatch - Countdown to Thanksgiving

Nov 13, 2011

Long time friend, Megan Swoyer, will often call to interview me on various event details. This season, it was fun to share with Megan the traditions that my family has for Thanksgiving - it really is like the pilgrims all coming together to enjoy a feast! With my sister-in- law passing away during Thanksgiving week five years ago, this holiday takes on a very special meaning about family gatherings! Megan wrote in her article, " Carolyn Hefner, owner of The China Closet in Birmingham, looks at Thanksgiving much as the pilgrims did. "Thanksgiving is a family gathering, and each family member is like a pilgrim, bringing his or her favorite food to the table,” said Hefner, who will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. She oversees special events for a living and is a whiz at hosting Thanksgiving."