Complete Wedding Planning

Event Planning Services in Birmingham, MI

Complete Wedding Planning

Make your wedding or special event even more memorable by seeking the assistance of The China Closet. We offer complete event planning services in Birmingham, MI, to handle all of the details of your special day. From the initial planning stages to running the event itself, our team wants to make your day as memorable and stress-free as possible. Contact us to learn more and to discuss the details of your special day.

Crafting One-of-a-Kind Events

With our complete wedding planning solutions, we want to make your special day truly one-of-a-kind and never duplicate the details of our plans. Though it may be just one day to other people, it is a special day for you, so we do whatever we can to make it as perfect as possible. When planning your event, we will spend a lot of time getting to know you, ensuring that every aspect of your day fits with your style. This way, your special day will be enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests.

An Eye for Detail

With more than 18 years of experience in the event coordinating and consulting business, The China Closet is here for you. Our staff have a strong attention to detail and will ensure that every aspect of your event meets your personal tastes and desires. We will also work to ensure that your day goes off without any issues and will work to anticipate any problems before they arise. After all, it is an extreme honor to assist you with these details, so we never take anything lightly and draft up a contract that will ensure your every need is met.

Complete Wedding Planning fees $5,000

What can we say? You are amazing! We could not have done it ever so beautifully without you. - Sarah and Peter (bride and groom)