Partial Wedding Planning

Add the Finishing Touches with Partial Wedding Planning in Birmingham, MI

Partial Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding takes months and months of research and then careful consideration of all the details you’ve gathered. It’s a very time-consuming process, and as the big day approaches, some couples realize that a helping hand from a professional would be beneficial. If you find yourself in this situation, remember that help is just a phone call away. At The China Closet, we are ready to help you with partial wedding planning in Birmingham, MI.

We will meet with you to learn about your plans and how we can assist. Then we put our expertise to work by creating a plan to help you put all the final details in place. Our goal is to lift the burden brides and grooms feel by providing advice, guidance, and support that ensures this magical moment will come off without a hitch.

If you require help from day one, we are also prepared to support you with our complete wedding planning services.

Our fees for event planning services are priced individually based on your needs and our staff availability. The typical cost for our partial coordinating and consulting is $2,800. The initial meeting fee is $125, but this is complimentary if you contract with us.

Just a little help needed...

When I received a phone call from a client just two weeks before the wedding, I was surprised! I immediately met with this client and discovered how many fabulous details the mother had created - it had been a passion of hers over the past few months. So much time and energy had been spent putting special touches together HOWEVER there seemed to be a real need for some good old fashioned organization...and that is what brought this delightful client my way!

In meeting with the client just a couple of times, I was able to find out where the "holes" were in their day and I set out to quickly design a detailed timeline that gave them immediate relief from the stres that had been mounting.

When the mother described her daughter's wedding day to me and all of the delightful touches that she had done herself, I was shocked to find that they had no videographer for the day - the bride was certain that she didn't want one "interrupting" her day...I told her how important it would be to include a video and how I really thought that after the fact, she would be very sorry not to have captured her special day on film...I know I did a little arm twisting, but what I hate even more is hearing how a couple wished they had heeded my words when it is too late to, to my relief, Alex, from Fifth and Main, was contracted to record the day...enjoy his clip of this very special day!

This is just one example of a recent client interaction where I felt I was able to make a difference in their day - I was delighted that I could make for a better wedding day for the bride and groom and their families, and have a great recording of the day for the next generation, too!