Feb 27, 2014

....just my two cents...

....just my two cents...

When my clients come to interview me, I often ask them why are you here? What makes you think you need a wedding consultant/coordinator? Most respond that they are unsure of what details this big day entails and they don't want to miss a beat! Some have busy careers and just don't have time to manage the details. Others, look for a mediator to balance the details and disussions between various family members and the fusion of family personalities!

Whatever the reason that you may be led to using a wedding consultant and coordinator, you will probably get more than you bargained for. My clients will tell me at the conclusion of their celebration they could never have managed all the unexpected nuances of this big day...and still be speaking to one another!

Today, I questioned my client when he sent me his confirmation for transportaiton. He booked a Chrysler 300 to pick up 13 guests to bring to the ceremony and reception. I followed up by checking this piece of equipment out, and I found that most companies recommend this type of transporation for 8-10 passengers...time to give my two cents of advice!

My clients will frequently hear "it's just my two cents!" during our planning time. Whenever I see a potential problem, a snag in the plans, I feel that it is my duty to speak up and to offer my advice - in my initial interview with prospective clients, I tell them that I feel one of the roles of my job is to play devil's advocate - I have to look at their decisions from all angles and if there is something that could be potentially disruptive to their day,  I need to show them what could happen and then have Plan B ready for their consideration.

So, when my current groom said, "They (the 13 guests) can just squish together in this Chrysler 300," alarms went off in my head! I quickly emailed him and reminded him that his guests will be in their finest attire to attend this celebration and may not want to "squish!" #alldressedupandwrinkled!

Of course, I always hope that offering my two cents doesn't allienate my clients; I just want to show them a different way to look at things. When I explained to the bride and groom that I didn't mean to be an alarmist, but that I want their details to be as perfect as possible, I was delighted (and encouraged) to receive this response from them:

This is why we appreciate your work ! :)

That response is worth a million dollars to me! Often, my two cents goes a long way to make a day relaxed and stress free! These are the rewards and the relationships that make me love what I do!

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