Nov 30, 2009

Importance of the Wedding Video

Ranae met with Alex from Fifth and Main Productions this morning. After seeing the trailer of her October wedding, she was overjoyed at the beautiful setting for her wedding...of course she was there! But like every other bride, seeing the video allowed her to really realize just how beautiful the details were on her wedding day!

The wedding day is such an exciting and emotional day that even though everything is beautiful and joyous, the details that a bride spends hours and hours deliberating over for months just don't get enough individual attention on the actual wedding day because there is simply not enough time to linger on any one detail. The video, as well as the photographs, allow the bride and groom to revisit that special moment over and over and allows them to celebrate all the special details that went into planning their event.

Ranae was in awe all over again seeing the beautiful flowers created by Bellisario Florist at her wedding and reception - the movement of the video allows her the advantage of once again, walking down the aisle and NOW she can realize how glorious the orchids were on the pews, the details of the custom runner...then off to the reception to see how incredible the Townsend Hotel was transformed just for her special day!

The value of a video...priceless!

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