Sep 23, 2016

On site visits

On site visits

Yesterday, I visited Van Hoosen Farms in Rochester, Michigan, in preparartion for my client's wedding in October. With the flow of the day and the tentative itinerary in hand, the visit allowed us to look at the movement and the little details that will make the the day flow smoothly AND still have time to make any necessary updates. As always, the key is to be FLEXIBLE; don't be afraid to make changes that will result in a better plan.

This visit addressed the operation details such as, where will the catering truck park - the need to have the parking spaces reserved for them prior to  their arrival so they are close to the building, have the proper electrical hook ups, make certain that there is adequate space for their pop up tents and work station...oh these are the hidden details that can make or break an event...not only is it important for your guests to be comfortable but if your food service people have a good set up - the BONUS is great food service!

So, as we visited the farm we looked at the ease of service for the caterer as well as the ease of flow for guests. We soon ruled out an initial site for the ceremony since the walk seemed far for any older guests, the obstructions of stone walls meant a longer path for guests to take, the distance to restrooms seemed too far...all of these details were important to address in consideration for our guests attending this event. Comfortable guests are happy guests...happy guests make for a fun celebration!

No matter how many times I have been at a venue, I find it necessary to revisit the venue with fresh eyes. Each client has their special details that are important and that they want to focus on...I guess that is why my role as an event planner remains fascinating and exciting - NO two events are ever the same!

Walk your event as if you were the food service person, then walk the event as a is amazing the details you will soon discover! Even better, photograph the various locations and take those photos home and mentally "attend" the event...there is no such thing as over thinking what will make the day flow better...this preliminary work will make for a relaxing and FUN event day for all involved!

After today's work, we are ready to PARTY!

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