Jan 07, 2013

Formality returns in 2013!

Formality returns in 2013!

Sending out your Save the Dates and then the actual invitation to your event will be the the first glimpse that your guests will have of your special event. These pieces of print will actually make a strong first impression on your family and friends, so it is most important that you convey the right image or message to prepare them for what is yet to come.

Although I believe that all the print work for an event should coordinate and look like it belongs to a beautiful stationery suite, the one exception is the Save the Date! This announcement piece can be a little fun, include a photo, something a little trendy OR it can also be a formal look that lets your guests know this will indeed be a formal celebration.

Before anything gets mailed, the creation of the guest list has to be given close attention. My advice is to pick up a copy of Crane's Blue Book of Stationery. It has all the formal rules for addressing, titles, and also how to compose an invitation. You many not find every answer to your questions though. Today, there are more variables than years ago. It is common now for many couples to live together - so how do you address this envelope? The person who is your relative or closet friend will appear first on the address line, then their significant other. There should be NO abbreviations used in the address - write out all words in full.

A word of caution when sending out the Save the Dates, you may still be juggling how much seating you will need or what your budget is going to allow since not all the details are decided at this time. It is not necessary to include "and Guest" on the Save the Date. When it is time to send out the actual invitations, then you will know if you have the luxury of room and money to include "and Guest" for those who are single.

...oh, there are many more tips on print work for a special event...more tips and thoughts to be shared in future blogs!


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