Aug 29, 2016

Ordering Cocktail Napkins

Ordering Cocktail Napkins

After seeing a catering manager replying to the question, How many cocktail napkins should I order for my wedding? and seeing the catering manager's response of, I would say normally when people order them in they have one "pack" (usually a small box, I'm not sure how many come in the box) for each bar. I thought it was time to put something in the blog about this frequently asked question!

First of all, I find the catering manager's response a little surprising (ok, shocking!). Adding a customized cocktail napkin is one of my favorite little accent pieces to add to any event. I think it shows the level of attention to detail and one of those details that just compliments all else - be it with color, a monogram, or a fun quote or saying.

As far as how many to order - there is quite a descrepancy about the proper number. After seeing many an event and witnessing scads of extra cocktail napkins left over, I now tell my clients, whatever you order, plan of extras being suitable to use at home afterwards.

The other surprise is how many guests don't use a cocktail napkin when they take an hors 'oeuvre or a beverage from the bar...however, that is another blog post on etiquette. That being said, I tell my clients that I think ordering about 3.5 cocktail napkins per person will probably satisfy their event needs and assure them that if they do run out, the venue will use their beverage napkin to supplement - this will surely save you from having boxes of extras to use twenty five years later!

BONUS COMMENT: the next question I usually get is how many handtowels to order. Again, my experience has been this...FIRST, not necessary to order for the men's room (unless you want to go ALL OUT) SECOND, I usually advise clients to order 2.5 per female guests.




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