Jul 25, 2009

The Napkin Fold

The Napkin Fold

Since every dining table is set with linens that include the napkin, it is a detail that has received much attention - how to mix it up, switch it out, create an interesting touch...there are many folds to think of and amazingly enough - it is one of the simplest details that most individuals forget to address with their catering director.

Take the time to look at some napkin folds when you meet with your catering person. Be sure to have the napkin you plan to use with you during your meeting - if you are renting a specialty linen, it will be necessary for your catering person to have the napkin in hand. The weight and the size of your napkin may dictate what can be and what cannot be done! A "slippery" fabric will have limitations to holding a certain fold - whereas a heavier fabric napkin may allow for some very interesting folds.

Most of the time, the catering office will assume the responsibility for folding your napkins with no additional charge; however, if you are requesting something a little more out of the ordinary, it may be best to have your linen professionals do these in advance and deliver them ready to set!

Some clients like the napkins treatments of days gone by - starched and pressed and folded in exact formation - if this is your desire, let us know, we have the talents to make this happen!

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