Jul 08, 2009

Be a guest at your wedding!

Be a guest at your wedding!
photo by: Ray Anthony – visit website

As Simone Vitale, one of my favorite musicians states, "The best parties, are the best planned parties!" There are no short cuts to organizing the perfect event day - details need to be well thought out  - EVERY detail needs to be included in a detailed itinerary OR risk that it will not happen!

Where do you begin? If you are just starting your planning, set up a calendar schedule with the important target dates - when to shop for invitations, when they need to go to the calligrapher, selecting postage, the mailing date for invites to go out, etc., etc., etc!

When you have all the details written down, then there is little chance you will be waking at 3 AM worried that you have forgotten something. Though you may set this time line for your sanity - it should be shared with others so they, too, know that the details are in perfect order and nothing has been forgotten!

The assistance of a coordinator will be helpful to point out all the details needed for this time line. If not a full time coordinator, then I suggest setting up a Wedding Tune Up (see Our Services) so you are sure that all details have been considered ...a perfect setting for the bride and groom to walk away and enjoy the party - knowing that all the details are organized!

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