Jan 17, 2013

"Bee Dazzled" a natural beauty solution?

I suppose it is my tie to the countryside that made me take note of the article, BEE DAZZLED. When I was a little girl living in Montana, my father raised fields of clover and we always had our fair share of bees buzzing around. Our neighor even took up bee keeping and I was fascinated by the whole process of hives, honey and the lives of bees. Today, if offered a cup of tea, the ultimate treat is a bit of honey on the side; it makes me think of those purple fields in bloom - they will always remain one of the the most beautiful sights I will ever see!

Earlier this week, I had heard or read that there was this scruffy guy selling honey along the roadside. A female neighbor stopped and asked if she could help him package the honey so it was more attractive to potential buyers and possibly increase his sales...that was the beginning of Burt's Bees!

The article in Elle is fascinating and states that Kate Middleton even used a bee-venom-laced facial prior to the royal wedding! The article likens the effects to those similar to Botox. Supposedly, "the venom stimulates the reduction of collagen and elastin while relaxing muscles to provide a Botox-like effect when applied topically." The article offers a host of other advantages that bees offer to the world of beauty.

For some reason, something from nature always sounds safer to me than anything chemical. Since spring is just around the corner and we are all eager to shed our winter skin, I plan to ask my aesthetician and our own in-family plastic surgeon what they know about this buzz!

 ...I'll be sure to bee back with any news!


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