May 09, 2010

Designing the Wedding RSVP

When designing your wedding invitations, often times, the RSVP card does not get the attention is deserves. The RSVP is such an important element of the wedding invite. Don't overlook its relevance to all that follows!

First of all, there are many styles of RSVP cards. Did you know that the MOST formal of all was NOT to include a RSVP card? In days gone by, guests would write a note to follow up and let their hosts know of their intentions to attend or to send their regrets. As I said, in days gone by!

One of the most important details to consider when designing the RSVP is to determine when you would like the RSVP returned to you. Since there are guest counts that need to be turned in to the caterer and knowing that some of your guests may be tardy in returning their RSVP, my suggestion is that you make the date three weeks prior to the wedding date.

This three week period of time will allow you to follow up with guests who did not respond, gather your counts for the caterer, begin your seating assignments AND take the week of the wedding for spa appointments!

The other big TRICK for RSVPs? Be sure to code them either by adding a little number on the back of the card that corresponds to the number you have assigned your guest OR put that number inside the flap of the envelope - either way, when a guest responds with such zeal and enthusiasm AND FORGETS to add their name to the card, you will simply find the number and determine who the "mystery" guest is!


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