Jul 25, 2009

Dish, Dish on the Table...

Dish, Dish on the Table...

Setting the stage for an awesome reception experience is the goal of all - so I find myself helping clients with the search for the perfect linens, chairs, flowers and more. When it comes time to select the dinnerware for the party, Special Events Rental can offer the widest selection for unique place settings for your event.

What I find so fascinating is that most of the time, the favorite plate of most chefs is the plain white dinner plate...or even better, the chop plate - a plate that is larger than the dinner plate! This is like a blank canvas for chefs - the white plate allows for a colorful presentation that sets off the simplest of foods to the most intricate creations - there is no argument here - food looks great on a plain white china plate!

The chop sized plate excites chefs even more! The size allows for some interesting arrangements on the plate. Now what is also very important to remember is if you are renting any special dinnerware for your event - be sure to ask about plate covers! The production line in a kitchen ends with the plate fully detailed and then covered with a plate cover to keep the entree hot and also enables the kitchen to stack these for ease of delivery to the dining room! So, if renting china - ask about the need for the right sized plate cover! MOST IMPORTANT!


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