Sep 22, 2009

Every Minute COUNTS!

After a very busy weekend of events, I can safely say that at our wedding this past Saturday we used every minute of the day to the max! We started with hair and make up at 7AM, dressing at 10AM and had the photographer capture all the getting ready moments at home. This allowed for some traditional portraits with the family before leaving for a 2PM ceremony.

With highway construction at its peak and traveling quite a distance to the church in the city, we were prudent to leave an hour and a half before the walk down the aisle! By arriving at the church early, the bride would have time to take a deep breath, enjoy the moment and be able to enjoy watching the bustle of guests arrive for the ceremony...all plus factors on a wedding day!

A ceremony at 2PM, photos concluded at 3:30PM. The bride and groom were whisked away to enjoy some fun photos in the city, then off to Greenfield Village for more. We had time to freshen at the Ritz-Carlton and arrive at the Henry Ford Museum ready to preview the reception and walk out fresh and excited for cocktail hour. NOW THAT is the perfect wedding day scenario!

Planning, planning, planning! There is really no short cut to planning and executing the wedding day schedule. Experience counts here. You want to create your schedule with an expert who knows about delays and what ripple effects they will have on the entire day. This is one place where there are no short cuts.

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