Sep 29, 2009

It's a WRAP....

At last week's dress fitting for one of my clients, I wondered about her wedding day and what if it were I asked, "What about a wrap?"

My inquiry proved to be right "in season" with the new trends because today I opened my daily email from Martha Stewart on the 2010 Spring bridal collection AND lo and behold there were the "in" wraps - jackets and boleros!

It used to be that most churches demanded some covering for the bride - it was almost mandatory during the ceremony for modesty reasons. Most churches have relaxed that ruling but there is still something rather admirable, classy and chic about a bride wearing a pretty bolero or jacket during the ceremony and then appearing at the reception in her strapless and more revealing gown...if for no other reason, it is fashionably interesting!

My favorite wrap would be for the winter bride - what an excellent opportunity to have a white fur to protect from the chill of winter AND it seems that this wrap could be used on other occasions as well.

I do have to smile when I think of my first bride who had a was a last minute addition that the mother added so I was unaware and as we were rushing to move from the family home to the limousine, the mother handed me this very tiny bundle of lace and asked that I keep it safe for her. I thought is must be a drape for one of the tables at the church or reception. What a surprise it was to me when they asked for the bolero...the what? This little tiny bundle of lace was the bolero! I had no idea that this tiny little bundle was part of the bride's ensemble! What a transformation this bundle became when the bride put it on...just one more beautiful appointment to an already stunning bride! Beth looked amazing in her gown with the lace bolero. Her stunning gown had a tulle overlay that hid soft pink silk peonies peaking out ever so quietly. It was indeed a fascinating fashion statement.

Ladies, although the strapless gowns seem to be the most popular, there is something very intriguing about keeping some's a WRAP!

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