Jan 15, 2013

Pass the dessert fork - there's an artist in the house...

Pass the dessert fork - there's an artist in the house...

Eye candy...it is everywhere at today's events! The make up artists have cases and cases of this is going to make you beyond beautiful ingredients, the florist has just arrived from the airport where the longest stemmed roses ever known to mankind just arrived from Peru...and meanwhile, in the ballroom, the cake artist is standing on a ladder assembling the last details of the oh my gosh over the top wedding cake! No kidding, ON THE LADDER!!!

It all begins with the cake appointment. The visit for this particular cake drawing revealed the bride's passion for two things...red roses and crystals! AND the look for something totally over the top as the cake had to be in keeping with all else that was going to surround it. So, the pencil came out, the drawing began, the dreams came to life and exceeded all expectations!

 The cake grows and grows as all the fantasies are incorporated. The dream cake reaches unimaginable heights! The cake's height totaled 50 inches. Meanwhile, I am ready to take bets that there won't be anyone at this reception who says, "By the way, where was the cake?" ...sitting on a 30" high table with a cake plateau adding another 4" - this makes this spectacular confection 84" tall and impossible not to notice. I think it is safe to assume as the guests took endless photos of the cake, there definately was an artist in the house!

The Beauty is in the Details has long been my mantra and Debbie Meyers and Scott Eschelbach at Sweet and Savory don't disappoint! Their attention to detail is amazing as they create custom designs for their clients. The really wonderful bonus is that not only are their cake creations beautiful, they are equally delicious - a duo that isn't always a guarantee!

I suggest to my clients that in their memory box of special details, they include the cake drawing; it is an original piece of art that began as a dream and manifests itself in sugar and flour! Sweet!






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