Jan 10, 2013

Photographic Moments - PRICELESS!

Photographic Moments - PRICELESS!
photo by: Arising Images

Trying to put together a budget for any event is tough - often the wish list far exceeds the savings account so it becomes a matter of priorities. At least this is how I begin budget talks with my clients.

My wish for all is to have an unrestricted budget but this is simply not realistic and we have to make choices. I tell my clients if flowers are your thing - then let's have them...if cake is not important, then it is probably smart to let the in-house pastry chef create this and avoid delivery, set up and cutting fees. There is one detail where I always feel money is well spent - GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

As of late, I have been going through my mother's photo albums and have delighted in the photos they have been compiled over the years. They are our family's recorded history. I almost regret that we take photos so casually today - a click here and instant photos pop up constantly and most never get printed and so eventually they get buried, lost or forgotten. When I see photos of grandparents, great grandparents that I never met and see where they lived, how they lived, the fashions of the times, etc. - I thank God that someone had the wisdom to record these images and someone had the love to put them into albums and keep these precious moments alive for years to come.

Today's professional photographers are capturing the most incredible images of all times! The technology is incredible but there is an art to capturing the perfect moment so don't feel you can let Uncle Sam take photos with his new camera - find a great trained photographer. Their photographs can evoke so much emotion as they are trained to see the smallest of details through their lens! They are compiling today's history to be shared with future generations. I encourage those having events: DO NOT BE FRUGAL when it comes to photography - search for a photographer that is an artist - the photos will out last all the other details of the day!

This photo on this couple's holiday card has such meaning to me - it will always be a special photo of a special couple on a special day with the most unique set of circumstances...they never got to take that carriage ride! It brings to mind a whole chain of events from the first day we met until the completion of their celebration! A whole lot of memories are triggered from this one photograph. Photography? I think it's priceless!

At The China Closet we have two very talented photographers - Blaine Siesser (www.siesserphotography.com) and Ray Anthony (www.rayanthonyphoto.com). Both Blaine and Ray are amazing artists and both have an artist's eye and the patience of a saint as they carefully follow the movements around them minute by minute to expose the real story of the day. I have worked with both on a number of events from birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary celebrations, weddings and more...they are creating memories to enjoy now and for scores to enjoy in the future!

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